About Me

Oh, hello there! I’m Nad, a self-taught home cook and recipe developer at NadSoFry.com. I am on a mission to make comfort Asian meals and cooking at home accessible to everyone and I am SO thrilled you decided to stop by!

Throwback to when I cooked a whole South Indian meal for my friend Lilian in her gorgeous home in Kuala Lumpur.

Born and raised in Malaysia from multiracial parents (like most Malaysians), I’ve always loved watching my mother cook for the family (she doesn’t as much because she’d much rather I stay out of her way than ask what’s in everything and why. Asian mums, amirite?).

Now that I am atleast 10,000 kilometres away from home in The Netherlands, I am so grateful that I had spent all that time bugging her in the kitchen because now I actually know how to cook her famous Lamb Vaaruval (a South Indian dry fry) on my own if ever I get a craving. My husband A says her Lamb Vaaruval is still his favourite but we never have leftovers when I cook my version of it so I’d like to think that I’ve done a 40-year-old recipe justice after all!

If there’s one thing you should know about me is that I am all about that comfort food. No matter the cuisine, if it makes my soul warm and my tummy happy, I am making it.

However, I’ve developed quite the gastritis problem from skipping meals when I was a young writer and developed a bad habit of running on 3 cups of coffee and nothing else when I used to work for the media and have had my fair share of being rushed over to the ER, curled over in agony, mostly because I only had time to have my first meal at 10pm and decided that it’d be a spicy takeout.

I’ve always thought cooking was time-consuming and after running around chasing stories like a headless chicken all day, the last thing I want to do is whip something up in the kitchen. However, surviving on greasy takeout basically obliterated the integrity of my tummy and so I had to learn how to make quick dishes that were easy on my tummy.

Cooking all my meals helped me alleviate my gastritis issues in a tremendous way as cooking gave me the power to take control of every single component that goes into any dish I’m making. And now that I don’t have to work insane 15-18 hour days and have all this free time on my hands, I make sure that all my recipes on this blog comes with a gastritis friendly twist to save myself a trip to the ER.

Like me, NadSoFry.com is ever-changing and ever-evolving. This blog is where I celebrate my love for cooking at home and putting a smile on the faces I feed, and I hope I get to put a smile on your face when you try my recipes or tips & tricks in the kitchen!